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The Right and the Left – Any Difference?

The Right says that the government isn’t the solution to problems at home but at the same time wants the government to solve problems everywhere else.  The Left says the opposite.  When either are elected they grow the government at … Continue reading

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Watch the “Audit the Fed” Hearing

Ron Paul’s bill to Audit the Fed, HR1207, went through committee hearing on Friday.  You can watch the whole hearing in 5 parts below. Part 1:

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End the Fed

Ron Paul’s latest book, End the Fed, will be released on September 16. If you are at all interested, please pre-order the book to help make it a best seller on Amazon and get it more exposure. Also, don’t forget … Continue reading

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Against Intellectual Monopoly

Jeffrey Tucker of the Mises Institute has recently been blogging through the book Against Intellectual Monopoly by Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine.  The supposed goal of patents and copyrights is to increase innovation.  In the introduction the authors point … Continue reading

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Anti-gun Senate Vote

The Senate voted on Monday to confirm the President’s anti-gun choice for Attorney General, Eric Holder.  Gun Owners of America shows how the senate voted and makes it easy to tell your senator whether they did a good job.  Jim … Continue reading

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The Great Bank Robbery of 2008

Robert P. Murphy, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism, has written new article on Mises.org explaining the bailout that failed yesterday and will probably be attempted again on Thursday in a slightly altered form. The conclusion of his … Continue reading

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Bailout Vote Tally

The Campaign for Liberty website has posted a tally of today’s vote on the bailout plan. Check it out to see how your congressman voted. Update: that link no longer exists but you can find updated information on the final … Continue reading

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Creating the Second Great Depression

Ron Paul has a new article, The Creation of the Second Great Depression, at LewRockwell.com pointing out some of the problems with the proposed economic bailout.  Go read the article for yourself and then contact your congressman and senators.  A couple … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Endorses Chuck Baldwin

In case you missed it, Ron Paul endorsed Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party yesterday.  Dr. Paul’s excellent article, A New Alliance – By Dr. Ron Paul,  is available at the Campaign for Liberty.  It seems that Bob Barr of … Continue reading

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Recommended Books

All kinds of theories and ideas are being thrown around on the news and talk radio about how the government should solve the current crisis. Over the years I have become convinced that the government caused the problem and that … Continue reading

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