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A Biblical Understanding of the State’s Authority

Doug Wilson has recently posted an excellent series of articles that basically get down to a biblical understanding of the state and how it relates to citizens of the state. Can the state do wrong or more specifically is there … Continue reading

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Turning Point of History

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Son of God. He came to bring order and reconciliation to a world fallen into sin. The birth of Jesus is not merely a fact of ancient history.  We can … Continue reading

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A Promise and a Command

In Matthew 28:18-19 Jesus gives his disciples a command to teach the nations. This command is preceded by a promise that not only enables his disciples to follow the command but also gives them hope that they will see results. … Continue reading

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The Primacy of the Imagination

Alastair has posted an excellent essay entitled The Primacy of the Imagination. A very helpful read.

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The Church

In Ephesians 5:22 and following we find instruction for a wife to submit to her husband. Paul then continues in commanding the husband to love his wife. The following illustration of Christ and the Church is given: “. . . … Continue reading

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Timing in 1 Corinthians 15

In 1 Corinthians 15 Paul gives some crucial information that should affect our eschatology. The key is in verse 26 when Paul calls death the “last enemy.” Verses 23-26 taken as a whole show that death is defeated by the … Continue reading

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James Jordan and The Closing of the Calvinistic Mind

For those who haven’t noticed James Jordan has written two excellent article, The Closing of the Calvinistic Mind and FV, NPP, PCA, AAPC, ETC., regarding the Auburn Avenue controversy within certain presbyterian circles. I for one have seen in this … Continue reading

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Why I Became a Postmillenialist

Alistair recently posted on his site a very good treatment of his theological history. I very much understood where he was coming from and wanted to express here some of the reasons I believe the things I do. Many of … Continue reading

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Peter Leithart’s New Site

Peter Leithart is now blogging at his new website, Leithart.com. I especially want to point out the articles page on his website where you will find a comprehensive list of articles that Peter Leithart has written.

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Righteous in the Little Things

Peter Leithart has posted his Exhortation for January 25. He has given excellent ecouragement from the Scriptures to those of us who may think that our position in life is not important enough. Take heart and be faithful in whatever … Continue reading

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