Hannah Sorpat’s Eye – a Review

In Hannah Sorpat’s Eye, Scott, his father Russell, and Sylvia are abducted by aliens. The book tells the story of the Christian father and his son who must learn to deal Sylvia who they’ve never met while trying to get through their experiences on an alien ship and beyond.

An alien abduction presents a theological/faith problem for Scott as he tries to reconcile the aliens he sees with the lack of any mention in the Bible. Scott also has trouble getting along with his father and Sylvia who’s just about as stubborn as Scott. I enjoyed seeing a resolution to the theological problem and the personal problem. The theological problem is solved with an answer that reminded me of Perelandra by C. S. Lewis.

A good half of the book is taken up with Scott’s time hacking into the alien’s computer system. This section provides much of interest especially to those who have an interest in technology and computers. On one occasion I was glad to check out Wikipedia to understand what a “token-passing network” was as it is said to be “elegant and efficient” compared to ethernet.

The book moved along nicely and kept my interest. Except for the theological question, I would most compare it to Out of the Silent Planet, which I consider to be the most accessible of C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy. I would recommend Hannah Sorpat’s Eye to anyone wanting a fun science fiction novel with a good bit of believable computer technology. I look forward to promised future novels in the series (see www.wardwagher.com).

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