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A Biblical Understanding of the State’s Authority

Doug Wilson has recently posted an excellent series of articles that basically get down to a biblical understanding of the state and how it relates to citizens of the state. Can the state do wrong or more specifically is there … Continue reading

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The Right and the Left – Any Difference?

The Right says that the government isn’t the solution to problems at home but at the same time wants the government to solve problems everywhere else.  The Left says the opposite.  When either are elected they grow the government at … Continue reading

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Does the Bible Require the State?

Mark Horne has posted an excellent question asking how the Christian relates to the state. Romans 13 is clear that we are to obey the leaders placed over us, but if a Christian finds himself living in a society without … Continue reading

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The Government Hurts the Poor?

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Governments and Morality

It is commonly accepted that there are standards of right and wrong in the world. The Declaration of Independence refers to them as the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” To obey these laws is right and to disobey … Continue reading

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Starve the Beast

I’ve been reading some interesting articles on President Bush and current federal spending. The philosophy being promoted by some is to cut taxes in such a way that will force the government to eventually cut spending and become smaller. The … Continue reading

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