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The Post Office and Health Care

President Obama said the following in his recent town hall meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire: They do it all the time. If you think about it, UPS and Fed-Ex are doing just fine. It’s the Post Office that’s always having … Continue reading

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Free-Market Education

Mises.org has posted an excellent article on free-market education to their site.  I recommend that you go read it for yourself, but will give a short synopsis here.  A teacher in a San Diego high school decides to sell advertising … Continue reading

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The Austrians Were Right

Ron Paul before the U.S. House of Representatives, November 20, 2008 Madame Speaker, many Americans are hoping the new administration will solve the economic problems we face. That’s not likely to happen, because the economic advisors to the new President … Continue reading

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The Great Bank Robbery of 2008

Robert P. Murphy, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism, has written new article on Mises.org explaining the bailout that failed yesterday and will probably be attempted again on Thursday in a slightly altered form. The conclusion of his … Continue reading

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Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan

Ron Paul released his Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan today as a real world example of what he would do to help our economy and our nation. The President and Congress are working on a “bandage” that may appear to affect … Continue reading

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