Recommended Books

All kinds of theories and ideas are being thrown around on the news and talk radio about how the government should solve the current crisis. Over the years I have become convinced that the government caused the problem and that the more the government does the longer the problem will go. Read America’s Great Depression to see how the government helped cause and extend the great depression. The Case Against the Fed is an excellent source of arguments and evidence showing the destructiveness of fractional reserve banking. Economics in One Lesson explains economics in an informative way that shows how government intervention and taxes hurt the economy. How Capitalism Saved America gives many historical examples of unfettered capitalism in United States history that helped to produce the prosperity that generations past started and we continue to experience today. It will also help to see that what we have today isn’t really capitalism and that the supposedly deregulated businesses suffer under much government control.

There are some additional books that I plan to read soon that should also be worthy of recommendation.  What Has Government Done to Our Money?, A History of Money and Banking in the United States, and Prices and Production to name a few.  For a good work of fiction I really enjoyed An Enemy of the State.  It is a science fiction novel examing the takeover of a totalitarian intergalactic society through purely economic means.  I found it helpful to see these economic concepts worked out in fiction to get a glimpse of how it might work.

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