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Anti-gun Senate Vote

The Senate voted on Monday to confirm the President’s anti-gun choice for Attorney General, Eric Holder.  Gun Owners of America shows how the senate voted and makes it easy to tell your senator whether they did a good job.  Jim … Continue reading

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John McCain on Gun Control

While Obama definitely wants to lead us down a road to when the government will take all our guns, I would like to point to an article, John McCain’s Gun Control Problem, at the Gun Owners of America that explains … Continue reading

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Bob Conley for Senate from South Carolina

Bob Conley is running against Lindsey Graham for his Senate seat. From his campaign materials and other sources that I have read, he is conservative in all the ways that Lindsey Graham is not. A couple of points of interest … Continue reading

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Vote for Ron Paul

The 2008 election season is coming really fast.  With the republican primary here in South Carolina coming on January 19 it is becoming really important to decide who you will vote for.  I want to recommend that everyone look carefully … Continue reading

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Anti-Gun Laws

Something to rejoice over in 2004 is the fact that a lot of the provisions of the so called “Brady Bill” are set to expire in 2004. Hopefully a Republican congress will demonstrate enough courage to not extend these provisions. … Continue reading

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