Bailout Vote Tally

The Campaign for Liberty website has posted a tally of today’s vote on the bailout plan. Check it out to see how your congressman voted.

Update: that link no longer exists but you can find updated information on the final vote at Final Bailout Vote Tally.

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2 Responses to Bailout Vote Tally

  1. Carrie says:

    I checked it out and was happy to see that our rep voted NO. Jim had emailed him a few days ago and he had responded that he did not support the bailout, so I was really glad to see he followed through. The other NH rep also voted no. They are both Dems. Nice to know they are actually (apparently) listening to their constituents about some things. 🙂

  2. Joseph says:

    That’s great to hear. I e-mailed Inglis but he didn’t listen. He seems to be a big government republican like Bush.

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