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Free-Market Education

Mises.org has posted an excellent article on free-market education to their site.  I recommend that you go read it for yourself, but will give a short synopsis here.  A teacher in a San Diego high school decides to sell advertising … Continue reading

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The Revolution: A Manifesto

Ron Paul has written a new book, The Revolution: A Manifesto. According to Amazon it will be available at the end of April. As I write this article the book is the #4 bestseller in all books on Amazon right … Continue reading

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Tea Party 07 – Ron Paul

Today is December 16, which is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party that originally occurred in 1773. Take a look at Tea Party 07 and then Donate to Ron Paul, the only candidate who will fight the inflation tax … Continue reading

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Why Ron Paul Can Win It All

Christopher Deliso writes an excellent article at LewRockwell.com exlpaining Why Ron Paul Can Win It All.  Definitely an interesting read.

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November 5th – Ron Paul

If you have considered donating to the Ron Paul campaign, today would be a good day.

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Exposing the True Isolationists

Ron Paul has an article at LewRockwell.com in which he explains the realities of isolationism and how that relates to our current policies of intervention. I think it does a good job of how these kinds of policies always lead … Continue reading

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Vote for Ron Paul

The 2008 election season is coming really fast.  With the republican primary here in South Carolina coming on January 19 it is becoming really important to decide who you will vote for.  I want to recommend that everyone look carefully … Continue reading

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Did Bill Clinton Balance the Budget?

I have heard complaints from different people recently about how Bush has seemed to do nothing to balance the budget during his first four years. In some circles this has been used as an argument why that Republicans aren’t fiscally … Continue reading

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Who Will We Elect?

Rush Limbaugh today read an article from the National Review Online concerning a possible outcome of the upcoming election. The article, Do You Know the U.S.A.?, discusses the feelings of an anonymous “longtime GOP operative” who basically argues that Bush … Continue reading

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