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End the Fed

Ron Paul’s latest book, End the Fed, will be released on September 16. If you are at all interested, please pre-order the book to help make it a best seller on Amazon and get it more exposure. Also, don’t forget … Continue reading

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Ben Bernanke Was Wrong

Ben Bernanke had no idea what was going to happen to the economy. Watch this collection of his statements from the past. This should be one reason to realize that we need to audit the fed. The fed manipulates the … Continue reading

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Free-Market Education

Mises.org has posted an excellent article on free-market education to their site.  I recommend that you go read it for yourself, but will give a short synopsis here.  A teacher in a San Diego high school decides to sell advertising … Continue reading

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The Austrians Were Right

Ron Paul before the U.S. House of Representatives, November 20, 2008 Madame Speaker, many Americans are hoping the new administration will solve the economic problems we face. That’s not likely to happen, because the economic advisors to the new President … Continue reading

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Ron Paul vs. Alan Greenspan

The important fact to remember when considering the current economic crisis is to remember that people like Ron Paul, who hold to austrian economics, predicted it. They pointed out years ago that what Greenspan was doing would cause such a … Continue reading

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The Cause of Economic Ups and Downs

The current economic crises involving Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, and the government has caused a host of activity by the federal reserve and the treasury.  Most people are looking to the government to solve the problem.  If only the … Continue reading

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America’s Great Depression

At the Mises Institute you can download or read online America’s Great Depression for free.  Many of the other books I mentioned yesterday are available for free at the Mises website.

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Recommended Books

All kinds of theories and ideas are being thrown around on the news and talk radio about how the government should solve the current crisis. Over the years I have become convinced that the government caused the problem and that … Continue reading

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Ron Paul on the Current Crisis

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