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What Has Government Done to Our Money?

Murray Rothbard’s book, What Has Government Done to Our Money?, is available as a free audiobook or a free download from the Mises Institute.  I’ve listened to most of it and want to recommend it as an easy to understand … Continue reading

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Taxation by Inflation

Inflation is a hidden and intentionally deceptive form of taxation. Governments love to be off the gold standard and use fiat currencies that allow them to inflate without controls (especially when all the other governments are also on fiat currencies). … Continue reading

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Socializing Your Retirement More

Democrats in the house are now talking about socializing 401(k) plans.  The plan that is being put forward would stop tax breaks on your 401(k) and would begin “redirecting those tax breaks to a new system of guaranteed retirement accounts … Continue reading

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Ron Paul vs. Alan Greenspan

The important fact to remember when considering the current economic crisis is to remember that people like Ron Paul, who hold to austrian economics, predicted it. They pointed out years ago that what Greenspan was doing would cause such a … Continue reading

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I Can’t Agree With Socialism

Ron Paul was on Fox Business on Tuesday after the President explained how the bailout of banks would be done.

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Wall Street Journal on Monday’s Market Rise

The Wall Street Journal has some interesting facts concerning Monday’s 11% gain in the market. The article, Dow Takes Giant Leap as Bailouts Snap Gloom, explains that this was the fifth biggest percent gain in the history of the Dow.  … Continue reading

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The Cause of Economic Ups and Downs

The current economic crises involving Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, and the government has caused a host of activity by the federal reserve and the treasury.  Most people are looking to the government to solve the problem.  If only the … Continue reading

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America’s Great Depression

At the Mises Institute you can download or read online America’s Great Depression for free.  Many of the other books I mentioned yesterday are available for free at the Mises website.

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