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Free Trade

Thomas J. DiLorenzo has written an excellent article title, The Unconstitutional Tax on American Exports at LewRockwell.com. It is interesting to note that the Civil War was motivated by money. The North and the Federal Government were taxing imports which … Continue reading

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Laurie Hyink’s New Blogos

Laurie Hyink (Joe’s wife) has started her own blog at http://www.illumineme.com/blogos/. You can read her second post where she introduces herself, Joe, Benjamin, and Micah (who I haven’t met yet).

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Apple 1984 Commercial

As stated on Joe Hyink’s Blog, please vote for Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl commercial at CBS.

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Joe Hyink’s new blog

Joe Hyink has a new blog at http://www.IllumineMe.com. At the moment it is just new and doesn’t have much but I expect it to grow into a wealth of information that will illumine us all.

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