Free Trade

Thomas J. DiLorenzo has written an excellent article title, The Unconstitutional Tax on American Exports at It is interesting to note that the Civil War was motivated by money. The North and the Federal Government were taxing imports which hurt exports in the South (if you cannot buy imports from foreigners because of price they won’t be able to buy your exports). It is my opinion that true free trade would solve a lot of the problems our nation has today. We will not accomplish anything good by forcing other countries to raise their standard of living or conform to our standard before we will import from them. When the government tries to stifle cheaper goods from other countries it is my guess that their real concern is lower tax revenues. If they can keep the prices high on foreign goods there will be more money staying in our country which will provide more tax revenues. They forget that if we get cheaper goods from overseas, that we then have more money to invest in our country or to buy more goods.

Also on the supposed negative impact of jobs going overseas. If a job can be performed cheaper overseas that is a good thing. It allows everyone to buy cheaper products and the economy to have more money to invest in more important things. When we fight to keep jobs that can be done cheaper elswhere or better by machines we are stifling innovation. Our country has been fueled by innovation consistently for the past 200 years because the government was not unnecessarly involved. Unless we keep it that way we will never see improvement.

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