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Nixon and the Gold Standard

In 1944 an agreement was reached at Bretton Woods that established the US Dollar as the reserve currency for the world.  The dollar was used to back the other currencies of the world.  The value of other currencies throughout the … Continue reading

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Taxation by Inflation

Inflation is a hidden and intentionally deceptive form of taxation. Governments love to be off the gold standard and use fiat currencies that allow them to inflate without controls (especially when all the other governments are also on fiat currencies). … Continue reading

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America’s Great Depression

At the Mises Institute you can download or read online America’s Great Depression for free.  Many of the other books I mentioned yesterday are available for free at the Mises website.

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Tea Party 07 – Ron Paul

Today is December 16, which is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party that originally occurred in 1773. Take a look at Tea Party 07 and then Donate to Ron Paul, the only candidate who will fight the inflation tax … Continue reading

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