Socializing Your Retirement More

Democrats in the house are now talking about socializing 401(k) plans.  The plan that is being put forward would stop tax breaks on your 401(k) and would begin “redirecting those tax breaks to a new system of guaranteed retirement accounts to which all workers would be obliged to contribute.” I assume these guaranteed retirement accounts would never fail just like social security is never going to fail? Too many people in Congress and the Presidency like the socialist democrats and the socialist republicans don’t have a clue. They are either ignorant or liars for thinking that we have some kind of “free market” that is failing the nation. We haven’t had anything close to a free market for at lease 100 years. The government regulates basically everything (think banking, money, housing, the stock market, oil production, oil exploration, gas prices, gas taxes, property taxes, licensing of plumbers, etc.), and then we pretend to have a free market. Those in Washington are using this current crisis which they caused to get more power to themselves. Until the American public is willing to wake up and quit believing the lies we are told daily by most of the republicans and democrats in Washington, things will continue to get worse. Some Christians believe that it is inevitable that things get worse based on their theology. They must remember that their theology doesn’t also teach that they are to be the cause – does it?

Note: I first heard about this on Rush Limbaugh today.

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