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The Bailout Reader

The Mises Institute has posted a list of articles by subject area that will help anyone trying to understand the current ecnomic situation.  It’s available at The Bailout Reader.

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Predicting the Mortgage Crisis

Ron Paul in July 2002 spoke to the house when he presented his bill, the Free Housing Market Enhancement Act.  His speech, Government Mortgage Schemes Distort the Housing Market, can be read in full on his congressional website.  Ron Paul … Continue reading

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Creating the Second Great Depression

Ron Paul has a new article, The Creation of the Second Great Depression, at LewRockwell.com pointing out some of the problems with the proposed economic bailout.  Go read the article for yourself and then contact your congressman and senators.  A couple … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Banking

The Mises Institute has just republished Murray Rothbard’s book The Mystery of Banking.  I hope to get this soon and add it to my reading list.  This book in addition to America’s Great Depression, The Case Against the Fed, A … Continue reading

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Ron Paul on the Current Crisis

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Liberty vs. the State as God

Natural men do not like the free market because it leaves everything to chance. Basic evolutionary theory postulates a universe of spontaneous change. “Survival of the fittest” at it’s core seems to indicate that man will take his chances and … Continue reading

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Obama and Palin on Taxing Oil Companies

George Reisman has written a great article titled, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin on Taxing Oil Companies and Giving the Money to Others. The following quote shows a basic lack of economic understanding from both sides of the aisle: A … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Stimulus

Ron Paul spoke to the House on Tuesday, January 29, concerning the economic stimulus package that is being debated in Congress. He points out that: . . . instead of taking the fiscally responsible course and pairing the tax cuts … Continue reading

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Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan

Ron Paul released his Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan today as a real world example of what he would do to help our economy and our nation. The President and Congress are working on a “bandage” that may appear to affect … Continue reading

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Did Bill Clinton Balance the Budget?

I have heard complaints from different people recently about how Bush has seemed to do nothing to balance the budget during his first four years. In some circles this has been used as an argument why that Republicans aren’t fiscally … Continue reading

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