Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan

Ron Paul released his Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan today as a real world example of what he would do to help our economy and our nation. The President and Congress are working on a “bandage” that may appear to affect some of the symptoms but they aren’t attempting to fix the many real causes (the Fed, high taxes on everyone, too much government spending). Ron Paul’s four point plan calls for Tax Reform, Spending Reform, Monetary Policy Reform, and Regulatory Reform. Check it out to see a real solution and a list of some of the many problems with current policy in Washington.

Ron Paul’s latest book covers his economic policies over the years from his many speeches on the subject. Pillars of Prosperity, according to the Mises Institute website, “provides documentary evidence that he is not only a master of the topic; he has provided a coherent explanation of nearly everything the government has done wrong in this area since he first entered public office.” Study the policies of the one consistent presidential candidate who has been fighting for the same economic policies for decades (and prophetically pointing out the problems with what we are doing).

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2 Responses to Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan

  1. Matt says:

    What bandage are you referring to?

  2. Joseph says:

    The rebate checks. See for details.

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