Liberty vs. the State as God

Natural men do not like the free market because it leaves everything to chance. Basic evolutionary theory postulates a universe of spontaneous change. “Survival of the fittest” at it’s core seems to indicate that man will take his chances and the “best” man or animal will win.

In a controlled or socialist society men who desire to act as God fight this by attempting to make everyone equal. That way there will be no “best” man to survive. These men play God in society because the don’t like the chance that they profess to believe in.

They are mistaken because as outline in Romans 1 they ignore God and try to overthrow the God that they know exists. These facts argue for a totally free market as explained by Gary North in The Dominion Covenant: Genesis (p. 10):

The operations of the market, like the operations of the atom, are ultimately guided by and upheld by God. In fact, the strongest philosophical and theological argument in favor of the free market is that it thwarts the attempt of power-seeking men to attempt to imitate God by centralizing the economic planning system through the civil government, thereby directing the lives of other citizens in terms of the goals of some elite central planning board. The free market decentralizes economic power thereby limiting the quest for personal power. It has as one of its most important functions a definite religious purpose: to restrict men in their attempt to play God.

The chance that the natural man professes to believe in does not exist because a sovereign God reigns over all. The free market is free within the all encompassing will of God. To manipulate everyone in a controlled society is to attempt to play God.

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2 Responses to Liberty vs. the State as God

  1. Matt says:

    I understand your point, but that doesn’t explain why so many unsaved people like free markets. I thought people liked free and unregulated markets because it allowed for unrestrained attempts to commit crime. The survival of the fittest is what they like.

    Well, free market allows more people to exploit others and regulated markets allow few people to exploit others. Both allow it though.

    So is one more biblical than the other? Sure, I’d vote free market. I just don’t see mankind gravitating to restricted markets to play God. Free markets seem to allow more opportunity to exploit people.

  2. Joseph says:

    We don’t really have free markets in our country so it’s kind of difficult to backup statements like “Free markets seem to allow more opportunity to exploit people”. Even in our economy the poor exploit the rich through progressive taxes while other rich and the government exploit the poor to keep them poor.

    A totally free market and society would allow you to protect yourself from exploitation by others and the government, and we don’t have that now.

    I would argue with North that unregenerate people who support free markets do so for the wrong reasons. They are arguing from a classically liberal viewpoint and following a fixed “natural law”. Just because something may be Biblical doesn’t mean it won’t make sense to other people. The danger is that just because something seems to make sense doesn’t mean that it is right or Biblical.

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