Holding Failures Accountable

Joe Biden wants to take the pensions of failed corporate executives.  The idea is that since their companies failed they should be held accountable by government because we don’t believe in a free market (probably because we’ve never seen one).  This supposed desire for accountability (or votes) may sound great, but let’s get serious about it and hold responsible the true causes of the current crisis.  This would include anyone who is involved in the counterfeiting of money like Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke (printing money that you don’t have is counterfeiting).  It would also include Senators like Joe Biden and John McCain who for years have allowed the Fed to steal from the people through inflation (inflating the money supply makes the dollar worth less and affects most those who are on fixed incomes like retirees).

Of course Joe Biden isn’t serious, he’s just hoping to buy votes.  The failures in government like Biden always assume that their policies are good.  They know that they never need to look at themselves as a possible cause of any problem.  Blaiming the current crisis on deregulation or a few “corrupt” businessmen is a scam.  And who is corrupt anyway?

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