Bailout Defeated!

It is exciting that for today the bailout was defeated in the house.  The first thing I wanted to know was who voted for it – so that we can get rid of them.  I was disappointed but not suprised to learn that Bob Inglis voted for it.  According to the Greenville News the South Carolina vote was 5 for the bailout and 1 against.  Good to see that Gresham Barrett did the right thing.

Update:  Gresham Barrett changed his vote the second time to vote yea a few days later.

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2 Responses to Bailout Defeated!

  1. SkyWarp says:

    Our local congressman voted against it. King of IA. (there are two kings so make sure you get the right one)

  2. Joseph says:

    Good to hear. I haven’t been to impressed with Inglis for a while now. Seems to think the government knows best in too many areas. Unfortunately there is no legitimate opposition to him worth voting for at the moment.

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