More on Journey to Eden

I am still reading Journey to Eden. It is beginning to get more interesting. I like the science aspects but am not sure that I like the overall story and how the science is being explained. The main characters are Christian and are showing some support of six day creation. At the moment I am annoyed that the governments of China, Britain, the United States, and Russia are all depicted as evil and almost working together. The good guys are the “religious fundamentalists” which include Islam, Orthodox Jews, and Evangelical Christians. It’s almost as if those three groups are the conservatives who are fighting the secularists on the age of the earth. This makes those in Islam out to be good guys and the Christians while they witness to a chinaman never really witness to their friend Mohammed who is muslim. Seems pretty weak on a philosophical level.

The science claim is that everything is slowing down relative to an imaginary absolute. Earth days are shorter today than they were ten years ago. We can’t tell this because clocks go slower too. Biological time does not change though. This is why Abraham lived longer than people do today. His body and ours have the same time relative to the absolute while everything physical in the universe has slowed. Interesting idea, but I haven’t seen any proof yet.

I will continue to report as I read more.

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