New Book from Emerald House

I am in the midst of reading Journey to Eden. The book was given to me by the publisher as a “Science Fiction” title for the Christian market. The author is trying to promote a new understanding of time. I am 140 pages into the book and at the moment the book seems to be explaining how that time is now going slower than it was in the past. We would never normally know if time was slowing, but because of some bizarre circumstances in the book the main characters discover that it is. This slowing of time means that years happened faster in the past and that the earth is not really as old as it seems.

The idea seems plausible. The old earth people and atheists assume that time is a constant that always goes the same speed. Just like they assume that carbon decay and other such things always occurred at the same rate. If the speed of time fluctuated it means that we would have a hard time telling how old anything really was and use the same length years.

The book is interesting and I will attempt to keep you all posted as I read more.

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