Bob Conley for Senate from South Carolina

Bob Conley is running against Lindsey Graham for his Senate seat. From his campaign materials and other sources that I have read, he is conservative in all the ways that Lindsey Graham is not. A couple of points of interest from his campaign website:

Economy: We must implement fiscal policies to end deficit spending. Bob Conley believes we must change our monetary policy, restore sound, honest money, and halt the fall of the dollar. We must stop predatory lending practices, end the Wall Street bailouts, and put a lid on massive expenditures abroad.

Another area that is directly related to our fiscal problems:

Military: Overseas deployments of occupation are breaking our military. Deployments in recent years have left 80% of our National Guard units without the necessary equipment for training – and the missions they should be prepared to serve here at home. Our National Guard needs to be rebuilt.

Gun Owners of America gives Conley a higer rating than Graham:

2nd Amendment Rights: Bob supports the right of the individual to own guns and is a life member of Gun Owners of America. The GOA favors Bob over Graham in supporting gun owner rights.

He also has a Pro Life position on Abortion that separates him from the majority of Democrats:

Abortion: Bob is Pro Life and will work in the U.S. Senate to stop government funding of groups that advocate and / or perform abortions, including Planned Parenthood, which received $300 million in taxpayer funding last year.

Bob Conley is definitely a better choice than Lindsey Graham in most areas it seems.  Lindsey Graham has proven in the recent bailout vote that he doesn’t understand economics and he doesn’t care what the people think.  Unfortunately the one negative for many who call themselves conservatives is that Conley is a Democrat.  This seems to be an extremely good example of getting beyond party politics and voting on principle.

If we can ever get beyond a loyalty to a party that doesn’t have any loyalty to the people (this includes both parties) then maybe the government will quit running our nation into the ground.

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