Whole Foods CEO on Health Care

John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods Market, has written an article at the Wall Street Journal on The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare. It is good to see someone from the business world pointing out that there are better ways. Part of the problem with this whole health care debate is that President Obama’s side wants you to think that we currently have a free market. They then try to convince you that the free market doesn’t work. The problem is that health care doesn’t happen in a free market. To name a few obvious intrusions into health care that manipulate the market with easy money and also add unnecessarily regulation we have the Food and Drug Administration, Medicare and Medicaid to just name the government intrusions that first pop into my mind. Let’s quit pretending the market is currently free and maybe realize that some of these past ideas created the current problems.

I first saw this story on the Campaign for Liberty blog in the article, Health Care, Whole Foods, and Consumer Choice. Andrew Ward points to the progressives that have now vowed to boycott Whole Foods. All those against ObamaCare should consider increasing their shopping there.

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