Orwell for Christians

I am in the middle of reading 1984 by George Orwell. A friend of mine pointed out the article “Orwell for Christians” from First Things. 1984 is a very interesting book but a little difficult to see where Orwell is coming from. The author of the article explains that Orwell wasn’t really pushing for any specific political ideal. He was coming from his own moral understanding to expose the moral injustices that he saw. Considering that Orwell was not a Christian it is interesting to see how his arguments against the societies he was part of are based on his concept that there is a right and wrong that should be obvious.

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  1. Josh J says:

    Also helpful in this First Things article is the discussion of how political interests (right and left) can shape language, in turn shaping the categories in which people think. This subtle manipulation was used (according to the author) by both capitalists and Marxists to justify injustices done to the working classes as the Industrial era rolled in.

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