Shadow War

I heard a little bit of the Rush Limbaugh show today. Roger Hedgecock, who today substituted for Rush, was interviewing Richard Miniter, the autohor of Shadow War: The Untold Story of How Bush Is Winning the War on Terror. I only heard 10 minutes or so of the interview but that little bit of time made me want to read the book. Miniter said that he had traveled throughout the world to do research on how the war on terror is going. His outlook on the whole thing is totally different than what you tend to here on the radio. One statistic was that “Since 9/11 we’ve killed or captured 3,000 Al-Qaeda terrorists in 102 countries.” This is entirely different than anything we hear in the media. The media along with the rest of the left continually focus only on apparent negatives and totally ignore the positives that are occurring throughout the world. While our intelligence concerning weapons of mass destruction may have been wrong, why don’t we hear more of Libya’s move to cease it’s nuclear weapons programs? Why don’t we hear from anybody but the President concerning the elections that are going to happen in Afghanistan? The reason is that the left and specifically John Kerry do not care what Bush has done, they will call it wrong and they will call it lies. They only want to win an election, no matter what the cost.

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2 Responses to Shadow War

  1. Micah says:

    The left-wing media has always been that way. No matter what it is, if a Republican does it, it’s wrong.

  2. SkyWarp says:

    I heard the same interview. It was very good!

    Something else I have found interesting was FOX News recent story on the OIL FOR FOOD program at the UN.

    This story needs to get out to the masses as well.

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