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Alastair in his latest post, Pious Fictions, talks of the need for Christian to tell stories especially in the area of Science Fiction. I totally recommend that you read his post and then also look at The High Crusade, a new blog Alastair mentions. That blog has a post on Star Trek: Enterprise that helped confirm for me some of the problems I saw this season. That post gives a lot of information about the first two seasons of the series and points out how morality is seen as totally relative to one’s own culture. This was always the case with Star Trek but not nearly as blatant as recently. I have only seen episodes from the third season and have been annoyed by the fact that not only morality but everything else is relative and inconsistent. Since the Enterprise has entered the Delphic Expanse they have experience weird anomalies in space. Multiple times they have talked about these anomalies as if the laws of physics are different in this area of space. This is irrational. Just because an aspect of the laws of physics has not been experienced before does not mean that it contradicts known physics. This whole idea illustrates the arrogance of scientists who think that if they can’t see it then it’s not true. How can Star Trek have a mostly consistent universe in the 24th century (The Next Generation) but not so before — with not even a mention of how weird the universe was back then. Just the usually inconsistencies of Star Trek I guess. I would still recommend Star Trek: The Next Generation though. Most of those episodes were rather interesting.

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3 Responses to Science Fiction Stories

  1. Al says:

    Have the Great Lands fallen silent?

  2. Micah says:

    It still all comes back to The Next Generation!!!

    Hey, Joseph. Long time no see. Got your address from ZCS Alumni page. It’s good to see the you’re a Movable Type user too!!

    See ya!

  3. SkyWarp says:

    Although I had problems with most of Enterprises 3rd season, I must admit that the season finale was VERY intriguing. And the last few episodes leading up to that point were very interesting as well.

    Now, the question is this! Will they take the GREAT potential that Enterprise now has with that season finale and bring it out next year, or let it fall flat on its face!?

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