Gene Wolfe at excellent prices

John Barach posted today on Gene Wolfe’s Storeys from the Old Hotel. I had tried to buy it before after seeing it mentioned at the Gene Wolfe fan page that references James Jordan’s interest in his works. Storeys from the Old Hotel is not available new from but I found it on for $3.49 (retail is $14.95). I was even more excited when I discovered that they currently have 14 titles by Gene Wolfe in stock at incredible prices. The also have 6 titles by Jack Vance who is an author I first saw linked to on Jeff Meyers’ blog. I ordered Storeys from the Old Hotel, Sword & Citadel, The Demon Princes: Volume 1, and The Demon Princes: Volume 2. I am excited about the good prices and hope that others will benefit from this too.

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  1. Mark Cochran says:

    You can also try

    I found roughly 122 copies of Storeys From the Old Hotel there in both hard & softcover starting at $2.75.


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