A+ Certification

My job is changing this year so that I will be dealing more with selling and supporting computers. My boss would like me to get my A+ Certification for various reasons. I am now reading the A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide. I find this kind of interesting that I am learning to support PCs which I don’t even like. I use a PC all day at work and a Mac at home for everything else. I would gladly use a Mac at work but my boss doesn’t like the idea. From my limited knowledge of PC support at the moment, it seems to me that a Mac would be a lot easier to support especially in hardware areas because there is a much more limited choice of configurations (than the hundreds of PC manufacturers).

If you are in the market for a new computer and aren’t sure what to get, go to Apple.com and get a Mac. It’s just better (and doesn’t have viruses).

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  1. Yes, but that same limited choice of configurations wouldn’t be a boon in the workplace or large enterprise. It would result in higher prices for hardware.

    Disclosure: I’m a longtime PC guy who moved from Win to Linux and is now being seriously tempted to dump PC hardware altogether and bite the Apple (OS X Panther is sweet).

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