Finished Reading Journey to Eden

I have finished reading Journey to Eden. It is a rather interesting book which I would recommend to people who like science. I don’t think the book is very well written or edited for fiction. At times the plot seems rather contrived just to get across the scientific point that the author is trying to make. I think the scientific point is very interesting, but I didn’t see enough info in the book convince me that it is more than a fictional theory in a fictional book. I still like the idea given in Starlight and Time better. At 380 pages the present book is also a little long considering that it isn’t written well.

One huge example of the quality of writing comes from the main way the author chooses to get his views across. In the book towards the end all of the main characters are involved in a web magazine called “Journey to Eden.” They will all sit on the roof (in Iraq) in the evenings and discuss their various articles. They will go point by point as the book’s author intersperses terms with definitions. There are also endnotes in the book to document many different scientific publications. When the characters get into these long discussions the book will cease to hold the attention of anyone who just wants to casually read a novel. If you have read or think that Humphreys’ book that I mentioned above would interest you, then you will probably like this book too. If you just want a good story I would suggest Out of the Silent Planet or lots of other more interesting fiction.

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