Supernovas and Time

Jeff Meyers has an very interesting article called, “A Sabbath Conversation: How Old is the Earth?” at Theologia. The article basically points out the fact that even if men or the universe have an apearence of an age greater than the amount of time since creation that God isn’t deceiving anyone. This is true because God may have made something with the appearance of age but at the same time told us how old it was. Adam appeared to be 30 or so but on the first day God would have told him, “I made you yesterday.” Any observations concerning an “appearance of age” must take into account all of the facts in order to be faithful.

This would indicate truly that it doesn’t really matter what we find in science because God has already told us the truth. I believe though that there are still scientific questions that relate to the age of the universe that we may want to continue to pursue. Many people have pointed out that the light from stars millions of light years away is already reaching us. This isn’t necessarily a problem but sometimes we will see one of those stars go supernova. The question here that may still need answered has to do with that star that isn’t there anymore. Did God create a universe that appeared old and appeared to have things in it that were never really there?

My next question is not entirely parallel, but did Adam have any marks on his body from injuries that never happened? I realize the question may be entirely different because maybe he never had any injuries before the fall. Along that same line though did stars go supernova before the fall? Did entropy change after the fall?

I believe God at his word when he says that he created the universe in six normal days. The Bible is pretty clear that creation occurred sometime less than ten thousand years ago. I still think we may find explanations that show that true science and the Bible go hand in hand. Starlight and Time and the new fiction book that I have blogged on recently, Journey to Eden, are both decent attempts to give a legitimate explanation. Starlight reaching us from planets farther than ten thousand light years away does not bother me. I’m not even sure that being able to see a supernova that never occurred is a problem. I do believe that science needs to continually increase in understanding our world and universe. The scientists just need to make sure that they are submitting to the God that made us as they study and come up with new theories.

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