Scripturizer Plugin

I added the scripturizer plugin to my MovableType install. It lets you add verses like Genesis 1:1-10 to you blog post and then it will link automatically to that scripture passage in the specified version. I can do passages like above or a single verse like this (John 3:16). It is really nice.

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3 Responses to Scripturizer Plugin

  1. Rob Hulson says:

    Hey there. I just converted to MovableType, and I was curious how to actually make use of this plugin. I’ve Googled to no avail. I created files with the code in the appropriate directories, but I’m at a loss regarding how to implement it once the plugin is there. Thanks for any help.

  2. How To: The Scripturizer Plugin

    A little “how-to” from an amateur who discovered how to install Scripturizer.

  3. Mean Dean says:

    Hang in there, I’m just about done. I’ll have a post and an update on Sunday. Thanks for your input. I included a variant of your fix, it takes care of the space issue nicely.

    I’m also working in abbreviations … on steriods … XHTML compliant ampersands … and a nice little flip/flop switch for ESV Bible fans.

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