Audit the Fed

The Campaign for Liberty and other diverse organizations have formed a coalition to promote HR 1207 and S 604 and the need to audit the fed. Go to their site and sign the petition and then check on your Congressman and Senators to see if they are supporting it. Thank them if they are and ask them to support it if they aren’t already.

Then head over to Amazon and order a copy of Ron Paul’s upcoming book End the Fed.

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The Post Office and Health Care

President Obama said the following in his recent town hall meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire:

They do it all the time. If you think about it, UPS and Fed-Ex are doing just fine. It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems…. there is nothing inevitable about this somehow destroying the private marketplace. As long as it is not set up where the government is being subsidized by the taxpayers so that even if they are providing a good deal, we keep having to pony up more and more money.

Lew Rockwell has written an article, Obama and the Post Office, in which he shows how that Obama’s simple admission gets to the heart of the problem. If the government run and supported Post Office can’t stop losing money, how does anyone expect health care to be different? As Rockwell points out the only reason the Post Office accomplished anything (while still losing money) is that the law prohibits any competition in certain areas of it’s business.

When the government can’t compete in an area of business, laws are passed to either make the competition illegal or at least lots more difficult.

The entire text of President Obama’s town hall meeting can be found at the New York Times with the statements mentioned here being located at page 9.

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Exercise Your Rights

If you have the time, I highly recommend watching the following 8 minute video in which the news media (Chris Matthews specifically) demonstrates how out of touch they are with your constitutional rights.

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The Government Hurts the Poor?

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Ben Bernanke Was Wrong

Ben Bernanke had no idea what was going to happen to the economy. Watch this collection of his statements from the past. This should be one reason to realize that we need to audit the fed. The fed manipulates the economy and we need to know what they do.

For those unfamiliar with those who say what was coming you can watch the following video compiling historical clips showing that Peter Schiff was right.


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The Cause of Global Warming

A new study has found that rising global temperatures over the years can be directly correlated to the rise in US Postage Stamp rates.  Read the article, Shock: Global temperatures driven by US Postal Charges, for proof of this alarming trend. (HT: Jeffrey Tucker)

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The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam

John Coleman, the founder of The Weather Channel, recently wrote an article explaining the long history of the scam that we know as global warming.  He details the story of those who invented the idea in order to generate a steady stream of “scientific” funding from the United States and other governments.  Read The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam to get the full story.

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Against Intellectual Monopoly

Jeffrey Tucker of the Mises Institute has recently been blogging through the book Against Intellectual Monopoly by Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine.  The supposed goal of patents and copyrights is to increase innovation.  In the introduction the authors point the reader toward the conclusion that “intellectual property is an unnecessary evil.”  I plan to read through the book and also the articles that Jeffrey Tucker has written as

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Anti-gun Senate Vote

The Senate voted on Monday to confirm the President’s anti-gun choice for Attorney General, Eric Holder.  Gun Owners of America shows how the senate voted and makes it easy to tell your senator whether they did a good job.  Jim DeMint stood up for our constitutional rights while the increasingly liberal Lindsey Graham showed that he’s most concerned to get along with everyone (except conservatives).

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Free-Market Education has posted an excellent article on free-market education to their site.  I recommend that you go read it for yourself, but will give a short synopsis here.  A teacher in a San Diego high school decides to sell advertising on tests and quizzes to local area businesses and parents.  This helps the teacher to do his best job in class without incurring more expenses himself.  People allowed to operate within the free-market will figure out a profitable way to do the best thing for all parties involved.  Taxpayer funded schools (or anything else for that matter) are nothing but a drain on the taxpayer and will always do a poor job.  Think of the irony of congress getting a pay raise while they demand pay cuts for the automaker executives.  We need to remember the housing bubble which precipitated the current crisis started with the fed and it’s socialist manipulation of credit.  Congress could control or abolish the fed if they cared.  Shouldn’t they take a pay cut – or be fired?

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